Welcome to Wharton Church of God!


Wharton Church of God has been serving the Wharton community since the late 1800's, but finally built the existing building in 1912. Later, the Christian Education annex was added, a new Parsonage bought, a muti-purpose building gifted to us from the local bank (2017), and a brand-new fellowship hall built in 2020. God has given us a burden for the lost and for our community. We pray that we can use these tools to advance God's Kingdom.

We are a part of the the Churches of God, General Conference. We are a Bible-believing fellowship of born again Christians. We desire to center all of life around God and to serve our community and one another.

Essentially, we are a family-oriented church with services that meet the needs of all generations! 


Core Values

Jesus Christ is central to our lives. We hope to orient all of life around the person and work of Jesus Christ, to reach out to the lost, to strengthen other believers through discipleship and fellowship, and to live out the Great Comission.

We have a four-fold strategy to accomplish our mission:

  1. Preach/Teach
  2. Pray
  3. Love
  4. Time

1. The Gospel is a proclamation about what God has already accomplished--it is, therefore, news not advice.

2. Prayer is the great essential to live the Christian life with the power of the Holy Spirit.

3. Love is how we show the world that God has truly changed us.

4. Time is remaining faithful to God and to the mission until He returns.

We hope to maximize our collective potential for Kingdom impact!